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Spruce up a shelf


When I started my craft/play room project, I was torn between hiding and displaying my supplies. I’ve seen some beautiful rooms that have perfectly stacked and color coordinated supplies–everything from fabric to beads to paper. It’s very appealing and it seems like it would be helpful to see everything all at once.

But when I started thinking about it, two things stopped me. Firstly, I’d have to purchase a large amount of some type of shelving. There isn’t room in my budget for this and there isn’t room on the floor for it all either. I want to keep as much open space in the room as possible because the kids should have a big area for play. Secondly, when faced with the reality of making ALL my supplies look beautiful, I realized I’d end up spending more time folding fabric and arranging tubes of glue than actually making anything.

Some supplies just aren’t meant to been seen and I knew it would irk me if I had to look at them.

I ended up housing most of the supplies in the closet and choosing a few for display. I decided these wall curios would do the job.

BEFORE: Ordinary wall curio

I staple gunned a piece of fabric to the back to add some color. Now I have a one-of-a-kind shelf to display only the prettiest of my craft supplies. Tomorrow I’ll show you more about the stuff that got hidden.

AFTER: Fabric-backed curio




Sitting Pretty


One of the problems I had in my craft/play room was this bland folding chair:

BEFORE: Bland folding chair

It was comfortable enough, but I really hated the look of it. I mean, what’s more boring than beige? I toyed with the idea of spray painting the metal parts, but decided against it because the kiddos are always climbing on it and playing under it. I just didn’t want to add any more chemicals to their little world.

While staring at it one night, I realized the padded part could be unscrewed and thusly covered with new, more appealing fabric. I have never upholstered¬†anything before, but this was easy. I initially tried to use my staple gun, but I quickly realized that my staples weren’t fitting correctly and their little pointy ends would be poking my back and bum.

So I went to my go-to Plan B: FabriTac. I laid the fabric out with the chair piece over it and roughly cut out how much I would need. Starting with one edge, I put a strip of glue on the piece and pulled to fabric up and around it. It was a quick and easy fix– just the kind I like.

AFTER: Fun Folding Chair

Fabric Bracelets


A few months ago, I bought several scarves and noticed they come on these plastic rings that make for easy display in the store.

BEFORE: Plastic rings from a scarf purchase

I couldn’t bring myself to throw them out with the tags. I’m really not a hoarder, I promise, but these sat around in my craft closet for a while before I got inspired by these fabric braceletsand decided to try my hand at it. One is wrapped with embroidery thread. The other is all scrap fabric. The one that’s all scrap has a more frayed look, but I kind of like that. Both have a small piece of scrap fabric to cover the beginning and end of the wrapping. There are many possibilities of fabric to use and ribbon would have a less frayed look if that’s what you wanted. The embroidery thread took a while to wrap, but not as long as I anticipated. I really like them because I get the look of bangles without the clanking sound that metal and glass bangles make. What do you think of the fabric bracelet trend?

AFTER: Fabric-wrapped Bracelets

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