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Trashy can


Like most people, I bought a large trash can for my kitchen and I bought trash bags to put inside it. But recently, I got tired of throwing away half-empty bags that I paid good money to buy (to throw away) in the first place. We recycle and reuse a lot of our waste so it was rare for me to fill up a bag before something inside started stinking up the place. Since we live in a townhouse that has dumpsters instead of door-to-door trash service, it just didn’t make since to continue using big bags.

BEFORE: Bought big bags (to throw away)

So I started using the (free) shopping bags in the kitchen. OF COURSE I usually remember to bring my own reusable bags to the store, but let’s face it: I forget sometimes. These bags are the perfect size for our needs. The only problem was that it looked terrible dangling from a cabinet or perched on top of the trash can. And Boo-Boo couldn’t contain his enthusiasm for pulling out banana peels or egg shells. The solution was two dollar store hooks:

AFTER: Hooked


Wednesday is bathrooms day.


That’s right, it’s not all glamor and hot glue guns. The toilets need cleaning too. On Wednesday, it’s bathroom day. I have two bathrooms upstairs and a half bath downstairs. I don’t do a complete scrubbing each week, but I find if I do at least a light cleaning it’s easier because there’s less buildup. Strong chemical cleaners like bleach make me sick, so I try to clean with vinegar and baking soda and cleaners like Seventh Generation or Method.

One day while showering, I was appalled to see a crusty buildup of something on my shower head. I had never looked up there before. Never cleaned it. I’m not even sure what it was– perhaps rust or lime? All I knew was that it was creeping me out and it needed to be cleaned because it must be contaminating my shower water.

I have to add a disclaimer here about my photos. It was not easy to snap a properly lit and focused photo of a shower head in a bathroom with no windows. I think my pic may make it look a little worse that it actually was. But in my mind, that’s how it looked.

So I started by dipping it in a cup of vinegar. Not much happened. I added a little baking soda to make it fizzy. That’s when the brown stuff came off. After that, I brushed it with an old toothbrush I keep for just such an occasion. The black plastic is movable so it pushes in when it’s touched. This made plain-old scrubbing difficult. After the vinegar and baking soda, there was still a bit of white residue. I dunked it in a cup of hydrogen peroxide and that took most of it off.

Now I can take a shower without the grime.