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Make something out of a mess


I’m often inspired by something I see on another blog or website, like DIY pants or how-to make your own face wash. I’ll make a note of it, but I rarely follow through and actually do it. I’m always getting ideas for little projects I need to do. My dresser drawers are chaotic. My cords are jumbled. My files are out-of-date. It’s always on my list of things to do. Next week. And then there’s the random little things I find for cheap in the clearance section. I found a skirt that cost less than I could buy the fabric, a half-broken earring, a chipped frame. I had a glimmer of an idea of something I could do with it, but now it’s sitting in a pile in a closet just waiting for my attention.

This blog is about doing all those little ideas. I take a before photo, then I turn it into an after.