Sitting Pretty


One of the problems I had in my craft/play room was this bland folding chair:

BEFORE: Bland folding chair

It was comfortable enough, but I really hated the look of it. I mean, what’s more boring than beige? I toyed with the idea of spray painting the metal parts, but decided against it because the kiddos are always climbing on it and playing under it. I just didn’t want to add any more chemicals to their little world.

While staring at it one night, I realized the padded part could be unscrewed and thusly covered with new, more appealing fabric. I have never upholstered anything before, but this was easy. I initially tried to use my staple gun, but I quickly realized that my staples weren’t fitting correctly and their little pointy ends would be poking my back and bum.

So I went to my go-to Plan B: FabriTac. I laid the fabric out with the chair piece over it and roughly cut out how much I would need. Starting with one edge, I put a strip of glue on the piece and pulled to fabric up and around it. It was a quick and easy fix– just the kind I like.

AFTER: Fun Folding Chair


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