Happy windows


Before I started to work on my mammoth organization project, I decided to do something to give the room a quick flush of color and whimsy.

Some time ago, we used shaving cream and food coloring to marble color some shapes cut from coffee filters. This activity isn’t my original idea; it was all over Pinterest and if you Google “shaving cream and food coloring” you can find several blogs and even a few You Tube videos. I decided to use coffee filters instead of paper because they tend to be more porous and a bit translucent.

I cut them into different shapes (Bean was learning names for shapes at the time.) and gave her a tray of shaving cream with a few drops of food coloring and let her start swirling.

BEFORE: Food coloring and shaving cream make marbled prints on coffee filters

We talked about the shapes and different colors. You could also expand it to color mixing for older children. Then she laid the shapes on top and tapped down gently. (Okay, I did most of the gentle tapping!)


Afterward we let them dry and brushed off the slight filmy residue. AND if you are worried about wasting the shaving cream, I used it as a window cleaner after we were finished!

So these little marbled shapes have sat around for a while and they made their way into the craft/play room. A few were eaten by Boo-Boo, but this morning I finally hung them in the window. (I got then to stick with a dab of the glue stick.)

AFTER: Happy windows




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