One month and One hundred dollars


I’m about to get really real with you all.

One of the rooms in my house is a complete disaster and it’s driving me nuts. This room was formerly the master bedroom and currently a play space, storage space, craft space, and catchall for clutter. A few months ago, I organized my crafting supplies in the closet. At the time I knew this would only be a temporary fix. As I do more projects now for the blog, I need to be able to access my supplies (and clean them up!) in a more efficient way. I’m usually crafting on borrowed time and don’t want to spend 15 minutes digging for my glue gun or tape or that fabric I just knew I saved. (By the way, why do they always wake up from their naps when you are SO close to being finished with something?)

Moving on, there are other issues in the room that need help. There is a huge, white wall that I cannot paint but must do something with. There is that mirror that I’ve been meaning to move for, like, a year. There is the drab plastic folding table that is my crafting table. (The list goes on and on in my head.)

I also want this to be a dedicated play space with proper storage for all of the toys. We have other play areas in the living room and kitchen, but this will be the main room. With that in mind, I want the space to be bright, clean and inviting for my little darlings to play in.

So what am I doing to do about it? First, I took a bunch of “Before” snaps for your viewing pleasure. (Below them is my challenge!)

Here’s the BEFORE:

The Challenge: Make this space into a functional, organized, safe, fun room for crafting and playing. I have one month (till March 15) and $100.

Your advice, comments, and support are all appreciated!


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  1. Wow! you got your work cut out for you. Organizing craft spaces with fabric is so annoying to me. I would recommend a trip to a really good dollar store for crates and drawer type organizer and then IKEA and build up on the walls. I put a bunch of organizers under my sewing table that is just like yours and organizers from Walmart and AcMoore on the table in the corners for nick-nacks. The mirror situation is funny but I guess you could put that on the wall between the bathroom and the closet or over the sewing table, although it would be better to put crafty stuff on that wall. But after seeing what you have done, I know you will hook this up iA! I can wait to see the results. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’ll try!!

      I’m afraid that little hands will get into anything I put on the floor. Have you had that issue? I wish I could go to IKEA but I don’t think we will make it down there in the next few weeks. I do have a few good dollar stores and thrift shops I”ll be hitting up for cheap bins. I think I also need to go through and make sure everything I’m keeping is useable…

  2. Saw your comment on the Apartment Therapy thread — so brave of you to post “before” photos! I find it so inspiring to see the “befores” as well as the “afters”.

    I’m doing a similar project, but I’m raiding my collection of storage devices/furniture before I shop. I have too much good organizing “stuff” being stored or used inefficently. But it’s hard to make it all look coherent.

    I recommend fabric whenever you can! Hang it on the wall, make slipcovers for your furniture — whatever it takes. It’s inexpensive (compared with buying new furniture) and easily removed. It can be a little expensive, but with luck you might find good sheets or tablecloths at thrift stores.

    And definitely try to do what you can to use wall space. Even sturdy hooks on the wall can hold bags or small plastic crates.

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  8. If I were you, I would consider adding 1 or 2 wire shelves in the closet, and store fabrics in clear bins. Reuse whatever you can. I’m sure you will do a great job and will be proud of yourself. Looking forward to the after shots!

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