To Dye For


(Sorry for the punny title; I couldn’t resist.)

Before I had a baby, I knew that white wouldn’t be a good color for his clothes. From poo leaks to food dribbles to paint smears, stains were inevitable.

Why do they make white clothes for babies?

BEFORE: All white, all dirty









It wasn’t until I was wrapping rubber bands around the onesies yesterday that I realized it must have been about a year ago that I dyed another batch of much smaller clothes. I looked back at my photos and saw it was right around the first of February that I was dying clothes in anticipation of my little Boo-Boo. This batch I actually did by hand in a bucket in the bathtub using Rit dye. Nine months pregnant and stirring a bucket of clothes was not ideal.

February 2011 (Pre-Boo Boo) Dye

This time I decided to use my washing machine.

AFTER: Little boy blue

I used Tulip dyes and added half a cup of  kosher salt like the package instructed. This time I was out of the larger width rubber bands so I used the thinner ones. I didn’t like the outcome as much. I would use the machine again, though. I was much easier to simply turn a dial to make the clothes agitate. I was a little disappointed with the color. I was looking for a brighter, richer color. Perhaps next time I’ll try pouring boiling hot water in the machine.

Anyone have more experience with dye? Know of any good brands to use? Any tie-dye tips?


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