Wipe-off Labels


You are 30 seconds away from looking and feeling more organized. Okay, it may take you longer to gather your supplies, but I promise this is really easy.

First you need a box or bin. This is a dollar store bin but you could use anything– even a shoe box.

BEFORE: Ordinary bin

Next, use some clear packing tape to stick on a colorful strip of paper. Again this could be anything: reused mail or packaging, construction paper, scrapbook paper (like mine). Or you could skip the paper all together and just stick on some tape.

Now, you use a Vis-a-Vis marker to write your label. Remember the Vis-a-Vis? It’s the wet erase marker your teachers used to use on the overhead projector and stain the side of her hand with. (You could use a dry erase, but depending on where you use these it may get erased accidentally.)

AFTER: Bin with reusable label

Congratulations, you now look like an organization queen! These would be great for toys, books, desk stuff. It could work for a child’s sorting game or for storing your accessories. This one lives in my refrigerator. I can easily change the label to match the contents. I usually put all the ingredients for a particular meal inside and write “Thursday dinner” or whatever the case may be. It helps me not loose track of my foods and it’s convenient to reach in and grab one box when I’m ready to cook.


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