Clothespin organizing


I came across this blog post about closet dividers on Pinterest a few months ago. I loved the idea, but the way our closet bars are designed there wouldn’t be space for a large, CD-sized marker.

Recently, I’ve become more frustrated by our disorganized closets. Digging through to see what is clean, what matches, and *oops* what still fits while wrangling my energetic baby isn’t always quick and easy. And I like things to be quick and easy.

BEFORE: Hard-to-Find Clothes

After staring at my closet railing for an idea as to what would fit, I realized that a clothespin would work beautifully. Using small pieces of scrapbook paper, I wrote the days of the week, covered each with a protective piece of clear packing tape, and hot glued it onto a clothespin.

Now when I’m hanging up clean clothes I just organize them by outfit (usually two per day for Boo-Boo) and hang them by the day. If I know that one day will be the really cold, for example, I can save the warmest outfit for then. This way, I’m not stuck saying “All his sweaters are dirty!” fifteen minutes before we need to leave the house.

AFTER: Quick and Easy

I decided to make a set for myself too.


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  1. Very cute idea! I keep Anna’s clothes organized by size, and it drives me crazy when others pick out her outfit and get things all out of order. No matching hangers for Boo Boo? Honestly my hangers never match, but I remember your closet always being pristine with only one type of hanger! Maybe he’ll get some hangers for his upcoming birthday. 😉

  2. Oh my goodness, this is brilliant! I try to plan what I am going to wear the night before, but I am usually so tired that I forget. I have never thought of planning out a whole weeks worth of clothes. And to do it for the kiddos too – awesome!

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