10 on 10


And now for something completely different…

This is my very first 10 on 10 post. This idea comes from Rebekah Gough’s A Bit of Sunshine blog at: http://rebekahgough.blogspot.com/

The goal is to take one photo every hour for 10 hours so that we can notice the beautiful yet simple things in our lives. For me the hardest thing was remembering to take the photos! The day passed so quickly and it’s already almost midnight.

I hope you all enjoy…

#1 Boo Boo walks right in front of my pin holder shot. Good morning, sweetheart, thanks for your help!

#2 Picking images for my blog. Again, my little helper is with me every step of the way.

#3 He got this dirty in 45 minutes.

#4 Admiring this beautiful plate brought to us from Turkey by my brother-in-law and his wife.

#5 I feel so blessed to live in a place with a multitude of trees and brilliant blue sky. This is a view out my window.

#6 Went to the mall to give Boo Boo a little exercise. Came upon an unexpected display.

#7 I drive past this pond with its fountain and ducks every day. Today I lingered for a few minutes.

#8 Homemade croutons to top off my soup and salad dinner.

#9 Diapers hanging in the bathroom to dry.

#10 Watched Hubby play a little indoor soccer. He scored a goal (I missed it) and they won!


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    • He took his first unassisted but wobbly steps at 9 mos but he’s gotten much better now and he doesn’t crawl at all anymore. He still makes me laugh– such a little man walking around like he owns the place!

      • Such a big boy! Anna pulls up and shimmies around the furniture, so I thought she was just going to skip crawling, but she starting crawling last night! She’s also very wobbly, but she’s already getting better.

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