Pool Noodle Pin Holder


This occurred to me one evening thanks to a jumble of clutter on top of my dresser. My box of bangle bracelets, pins, and an unused pool noodle all happened to be sitting next to each other and this idea popped into my head.

BEFORE: Pool noodle

So the noodle actually came into my home about a year ago. Our birthing class instructor gave it to us as a tool to put pressure on my back during labor. Honestly, I can’t remember if we used it for that, but it’s been hanging out for a few months now, waiting for something else to do.

I realized that it was almost exactly the same circumference as most of my bangles. I have a trove of bangle bracelets: glass, metal, all different colors. Most of them came from India and so they are sized a bit smaller than the average, ones-size-fits-most bangles here. So if you are wanting to re-create this, you may have to play with the circumference a little.

To create my pin holders, I sliced the noodle into sections using a kitchen knife. Then I found some small scraps of fabric and cut them into circles just slightly larger than the noodle. I used Fabri Tack to adhere them to the noodle’s top and bottom. Then I carefully placed the bangles on according to the pattern I wanted. The final bangles on the top and bottom should fit snugly and can be glued for caution.

Now I have a place for all my pins! (AND I can find the colors I want without sticking my fingers.)

AFTER: Pretty pin holders


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