Gift Bag Re-Use


When Boo-Boo was born I got so many darling little gifts in darling little gift bags from my wonderful friends. The bags were all so cute with their little bears and trucks and baby boy motifs. I didn’t want to just recycle them, but I didn’t think I would attend enough baby showers to be able to use them up.

BEFORE: Baby shower gift bags

I quickly found a use for them in sorting the multitude of sizes and seasons I had in baby clothes. I have clothes for the near future stored in the bags on a top shelf in the closet. They wouldn’t work for long-term storage, but they are an interesting way to keep things I don’t need at the moment but also don’t want to forget about.

This would also work for shoes and accessories and perhaps speciality cooking items in the kitchen. Anything, really.

Now I can find his clothes when he needs them.

AFTER: Storage bags


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