During our trip, I realized that Boo-Boo’s bibs and some of his clothes have been attacked by icky mold spots. I believe it was due to a combination of his constant flow of drool and the more humid climate. Whatever the cause, he certainly couldn’t eat in those bibs anymore.

BEFORE: Moldy bibs, headed to the trashcan

I have so much fabric, half-finished projects, and ideas for projects piled up in my closet, but this one had to take precedence. I went to Jo-Ann’s fabric store the day we got back in search of some fabric that would be waterproof (and cute, natch!) It seems Jo-Ann’s is eager to get in on the trend of cloth diapering and making baby accessories because they are stocking this new line of PUL fabrics called Babyville Botique. They sell this package of three, 21×24 inch squares for $14.99. (Of course I used a 50% off coupon.) The fabric is also on bolts at $12.99-$14.99/yd and they carry instructional books, appliques, snaps, applix and elastics in the line. I got the package because it allowed me to have a diverse selection for the least price, as the 50% off coupon will apply to one item only.

The PUL is a thinner weight than the PUL they have stocked in the past. I washed and dried it to loose the wrinkles. I traced around the old bibs and made a pattern on an old piece of plastic I had. After some thought I decided to forego the front pocket. Yes, it was much easier to sew, but I also felt like it would just create another space for water to be trapped and mold to grow. Boo-Boo makes a big mess with his food anyway. That little pocket wasn’t doing much.

Once I had my pattern I traced it to the wrong side of the PUL and carefully cut it out. I did a zig zag stitch around the border to give it a more finished edge and Fabri-Tacked some repurposed applix to make the closure. To set the PUL and close any holes from sewing, it needs to be put in the dryer on medium-ish heat for a few minutes. I can make several more bibs from the fabric I have left. But I’m planning to just make two more and use the rest to make a little highchair cushion since the original padding is beyond the help of the washing machine.


Now Boo-Boo can eat without mold eating up his bib.

AFTER: Brand-new bib


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