Poster framed



We have been out of town for the past couple of weeks visiting family. But now I’m back at home, attempting to be productive. This is one of the quick activities I did (and documented) while away:

This poster in the guest bedroom of my Mother-in-Law’s house has been torturing me.

BEFORE: Slipped down in the frame

It’s a nice poster that was stuck in a too-big poster frame. A poster frame is the kind with the plastic overlay and four slide-on sides that hold it all together. It’s not my favorite kind of frame but it’s cheap and gets the job done. They hang very flat and flush to the wall. It’s a step up from tacking the poster directly onto the wall.

So fixing the crookedness of the fallen poster was easy with a bit of tape. But the plain white of the background didn’t do much for its looks. In fact, the white background is the warped backside of the insert the frame had been sold with. I found a few pieces of tissue paper and layered them on top of each other over the insert. They were a little wrinkled in places to I just wrinkled the whole thing for a more even wrinkle, which adds a little texture.

Other ideas for a backing would be gift wrap, poster board, or my favorite, scrapbook paper. You just have to be sure it’s not too thick or else the frame will not fit properly.

Now I can look at the wall without cringing.

AFTER: Straight and with a background



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