Oops… that shirt has legholes


I love shopping in off clearance racks. Most obviously, it fits my budget. I can’t tell you how many times I find things on for sale that are cheaper that I could buy the fabric. But aside from bargains, I also feel like clearance racks make me get more creative.

While picking through the summer clearance at Macy’s, I came across this cute item that I thought was a sundress.

BEFORE: $4.99 Shortall

I liked the blue and yellow pattern and the little ruffles. I brought it in the dressing room and pulled it over my head. At first, I just thought it was too tight. Then I realized my body was in one of the legholes!

Now, I’m not exactly a shortall kind of gal. So spent the $4.99 to bring it home, cut across the crotch seam, and hemmed the bottom. It was a little trickier than I first anticipated because the bottom isn’t meant to lay straight. I had to cut it a little and hem the entire bottom. Also there are pockets (another aspect I adore) so I had to be sure that the hemline was below where the pocket would hang.

Now I have a new top for less than the cost of the fabric.

AFTER: $4.99 Shirt


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