Thursday is living room day.


Thursdays are so close to the weekend, I am usually a little out of steam. I decided the living room would be a good room to focus on this day. Because we are in it so often, it actually gets picked up pretty frequently.

Thursday is living room day. My usual tasks include wiping down the leather couch and coffee table, dusting, and cleaning the glass sliding door. I also put away things that don’t belong but have accumulated throughout the week.

My townhouse has a built-in bookshelf on either side of the fireplace. On one side we have the computer with books above it. On the other side we have a small bookcase we use for toys underneath. It has books on the smaller top shelf, but the larger bottom shelf has been a big, empty cavern since we moved in three years ago. I tried storing blankets, papers, duck food- none of which looked right. Since I decided to remove office stuff from the breakfast nook, I thought I could fit it in this space.

I used some nice scrapbook paper to line the wire filing crates. This takes up half of the shelf and almost all of the height. On the other side I have things I use frequently: my coupon binder and ABC sheets for little Bean (the toddler I babysit). I stacked two magazine holders on top of each other and used it to store supplies like my paper cutter, three hole punch, ruler, and glue. In front of that is a small tray with a drawer. I bought it at Target on clearance. It was meant to be a tea tray, but I just saw an extra drawer for the desk. It holds small items like stamps, rubber bands, thumbtacks, and clips. On top of the tray is our heater and a pen cup. I wrapped some more scrapbook paper around the outside to make it prettier. Scrapbook paper is one of my favorite things to use. I bought a book of 28 sheets for about $6 (with a 40% off coupon, of course!) at Michael’s. All the sheets are double sided and they all coordinate so I just picked a color scheme and style I liked and I had some instant prettiness.

Now my desk stuff is organized and bearable to look at.


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