Friday is spare bedroom day.


Friday is the spare bedroom day. This is the room that used to be our master bedroom. Now it’s a big open space for Boo-Boo to play in and I have a large table for sewing and crafting. There are two closets. One stores out-of-season clothes and a few boxes. This was the other one a few months ago:

Needless to say, I wasn’t able to find anything I needed. Due to somewhat limited storage, this closet must hold my crafting supplies, the tool box, gift wrap, fabric, keepsake boxes with photos, beading supplies and any other random thing I think I may use to make something. I like keeping everything in the closet because I can close the door and not see it anymore. It also helps keep the baby from eating my scrapbook paper and paint pens.

I bought two fabric shoe holders on clearance for about $2 a piece. If you have never checked them out before, JoAnn’s has great seasonal clearance. One of the holders I put on the door as it was meant to be. The other is cut into two and thumbtacked onto the back wall. Most of my small fabric pieces fit in there along with a few other odds and ends like Mod Podge, paint chips, and feathers. The other items are stored in a plastic, three-drawer shelf and various plastic boxes and baskets. I would love to have all the containers match and sitting on a shelf so it’s easier to get to, but right now this is as good as it can get.

Now I can find all my supplies for all my crazy ideas.


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