Tuesday is office day.


Continuing my weekly housework schedule: Tuesday is office day. Since we don’t actually have an office, it’s more of an abstract set of tasks. It’s the day I take care of the bills, paperwork, mail, bank, or any other errands I might have. We used to have a desk in our breakfast nook, but I got rid of it in my postpartum purge (that’s the opposite of pre-partum nesting FYI). After losing the desk we had everything arranged on a double shelf and in two filing crates.

And then Boo-Boo learned to crawl.

I snapped this “before” photo after one particularly destructive rummaging session. When he started pulling my carefully color coded files out of their box, I decided we needed to change the setup.

BEFORE: Adventures in Babyproofing

All of the desk and craft supplies that were kept on the shelf are now moved to a space in the living room and spare bedroom (tune in later this week to see those projects). On the shelf I put only baby toys and the kitchen items he plays with. The shelf is on the opposite side of the room with the recycle bins perched on top. Guess who was getting into those too.

On the wall hangs a magnetic board that I covered with extra fabric to add a bit of color. It’s still magnetic, but a little less powerful so some of the lighter magnets won’t stick. There is another dry erase board that I hot glued magnets onto the back– it’s a magnetic magnet. It hangs up so I can see my calendar, but comes off so I can write comfortably. I have four small magnetized folders for things that need to go to the bank, receipts I need to keep, coupons, and miscellaneous items. I try to make sure these are cleaned out on a Tuesdays too. Next to the board are two pieces of lovely scrapbook paper with clothespins hot glued to them. This is something I learned as an elementary school teacher. It’s a cute and easy way to display child artwork without putting holes in it.

Also included in this shot is my double stroller that is too big for my car trunk. It’s living in here for now. I would eventually like to put down a rug or those rubber mats so the babe doesn’t have to play on the floor. But at least now he has a safe place to bang together pots and spoons while I’m cooking.

AFTER: Organized space


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    • Yes! They get into things you would never imagine! He likes to “find” things on shelves and in baskets so I just make sure everything within his reach is okay. Everything else goes UP 🙂

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