Sunday is kitchen day.


BEFORE: Messy fridge

One thing that’s helped me stay relatively organized and sane is my cleaning schedule. It’s not as bad as it sounds. I have my house divided into seven areas for seven days. Of course there is still minor upkeep like washing dishes and laundry that has to be done every day. But this schedule helps me stay focused and get more done despite all my distractions.

This week I thought I’d share my schedule and have a Before & After from each room.

Sunday is kitchen day.

I do meal planning, give the kitchen a good cleaning, and try to make one or two things ahead of time to cut down on cooking during the week. I chose Sunday for this task because Hubby is usually home and can entertain Boo-Boo, who complains woefully when I’m in the kitchen and he can’t be.

My refrigerator had increasingly become a messy hodgepodge of condiments, vegetables, tiny baby food jars, and, well, pots. Nothing fit properly and I spent too much time rifling around to see what I had. I decided to got some dollar store bins and put an order to things. On the top shelf are baskets with cheese and baby food. On the middle shelf are bins that hold ingredients for the meals I plan to make that day. The bottom drawers are for spices and miscellaneous foods. The door holds the properly arranged condiments on top and drinks on the bottom.

I’m never sure if an organizational system will work until I use it for a few days. I made the labels removable so I can make changes if needed.

Now there’s a place for all the food– and all the food’s in its place.

AFTER: Organized fridge


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