Potty proof



I was on a roll re-purposing the waterproof mattress pad so I thought I’d use it again.

This time, I made a diaper changing pad. Baby doesn’t like laying on those hard and unimaginably dirty pull-down changing tables when we go out. I had a store-bought pad, but it was getting too small and I hate fumbling with the velcro and straps. It’s also not very plush.

This time I used a piece of leftover dinosaur print fabric that I found in the scrap bin at the fabric store. I cut it larger than the other pieces and hemmed it. The other layers are: the thick mattress pad, the back of my husband’s rejected shirt, and the waterproof plastic. I sewed the three layers together. It was probably the thickest thing I’ve ever sewn so I had to make some adjustments on the tension dials after a few busted threads. Then I folded the print around the top and zig-zag stitched it on top.

Now he’s covered and comfy when the diaper needs changing.



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